Monkey See Monkey Do – Violence In Television


For this assignment, we were assigned to create a digital story telling video in relation to topics learnt in class. Throughout the course of this assignment, multiple discussions were held with my classmates, Leong Pei Juan and Ong Shuey Li to further understand and discuss relevant ideas for the topic. As I lack the ability to perform team work, this assignment was done individually. After multiple deliberations, the topic I have decided upon is Violence in Television. This topic has been done by multiple researchers to obtain a link between violence in television and whether it is the cause of aggression in society. There were multiple discussions and theories, but none was able to have a direct evidence to support it. Hence, it is an interesting topic to be chosen as multiple questions and discussion can be brought upon.

In order to connect to the audience to discuss this topic, the platform that was chosen is to create a digital story telling video using multiple pictures and music combined and uploading it on Youtube. As this assignment is to engage audience, a video is the best choice as it has every element needed to attract viewers.

Compiling elements into creating a video is difficult as it requires a large amount of data to start off. As easy as it seems, it took me awhile before I was able to start my project. One of the reasons was the lack of equipments. There were multiple suggestions such as stop motion or shooting my own video, but due to not having a camera and smart phone, it limits my ability to do so. Apart from that, one of the main difficulties that were faced was the lack of creativity. In order to create an impressive video to attract viewers to continue viewing, it requires a certain element which attracts them. It could be either the method of producing or the outstanding graphics. In my video, it lacks that element. It would certainly be difficult for my video to obtain strong viewership due to that matter.

While I was doing research for this topic, there were several other topics which are interesting that are related to television. Apart from violence, there was media violence in gaming, addiction towards media and many more. I find myself straying away from the topic while I was researching due to the overflow of information. It was even at a point where I doubt my topic and had the intention of changing. Thankfully, this diversion was able to be overcome thanks to my classmates whom have reminded me to stay on course.

Throughout this subject, my classmates have willingly lent a helping hand into this project. 3 weeks before the due date, they have gladly offered to finish this assignment together and even offer to help if I were met with any problems. One of my classmates has been an active member into helping us obtain information from our lecturer, Mr Faizal through email and phone. It was rather kind of her to do so as everyone was busy with classes and assignments as well. For her to spare her time to help us was really helpful.

For this assignment, what I found most confusing was the referencing of this whole assignment. We were required to obtain images, videos or audios online if we need it to combine into a video. As there are legal issues involve, one does not simply save an image without having copyright information. There was also confusion in the report as well. With so many elements taken from the internet, I was unsure whether to insert all reference into the report or into the video. Moreover, there was also confusion with the information collected. With over dozens of statistic and articles written in relation to my topic, it is hard to obtain the actual figure that is of the right source and relevant.

Throughout this whole assignment, it was a great experience as I was able to not only engage in team work by having discussions and sharing of ideas, but also manage to enhance my video editing skill which is taking step by steps. Every challenge and obstacles I have faced during the process of making this video is only preparing for what is yet to happen in the future. In addition, I have managed to understand and relate more with one topic to another from this subject. Overall, I am quite surprise with my video as it was able to be done in time. As they always say, sharing is caring. I am hoping it is good enough to pass on my knowledge and what I have learnt from this class to other people out there.


Smart Phone Users in Public Space

            Looking back to my previous posts, it can be said that there is an over reliance on technology that has caused an impact towards how the public view and act in a public space. According to an online website, the statistic stated that there was a drastic increase in mobile phones users in Malaysia. Today, almost everyone has a mobile device and more than half is using a smart phone. This phenomenon has not only cause a change in cultural communication but also a great influence on how mobile phone is slowing becoming a social norm. In this post, it will focus on how smart phones are causing effects on the public space.

            Mobile phones were first invented to create an easier way of communication among people. It allowed a faster and direct contact towards one another that not only made business managing easier but also brings friends and family living far apart closer as well. When smart phones were invented, the main point of it was to provide convenience. Sadly, that has caused some changes in social norm. Yes, it is still providing better and faster connection from one another, however the space between the public and users are changing.

            A research done by Tali Hatuka has found that the smart phone users have regarded the public space differently as compared to mobile users. These users are walking around the mall or to the train stations in their little bubble, thinking that they have their own privacy by detaching themselves from the real world. Also stated, it has caused people to be unaware of their surrounding, easily forgetting things they have walked pass 10 minutes ago. Moreover, smart phone users are more likely to run through their phone for directions instead of asking from strangers. These issues must be aware of as it is causing people to lose their human touch and downgrading their awareness of the surroundings.


Picture shows people using their smart phones in an open area


Picture showing a man taling on the phone publicly in a bus

            I have come across multiple people walking around public spaces such as the mall or even taking a walk in the park with their phones in their hand. Even when I am in a public transport such as the KTM, people detached themselves from everyone around them by playing games on their phones. Some even converse on the phone as if they were at home, ignoring strangers who are 2 feet way from them who can listen to the whole conversation. All these are signs of how people today no longer understand how their own private space is actually a public area which they vilely overlook.



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Screen in Public

For this week’s post, I was required to observe the people in a public area to see their reactions towards a public screen. I went to Setia City Mall and stop by at the Speedy shop for about 10 minutes to see how people reacted.

I came into the mall around 8pm, it was a Monday night. I went by to the speedy shop and World War Z was showing. I stopped in front of the shop and started my observation. A father and son were standing about 2 meters away from me. They were both concentrating on the screen and were well drown into it. Few minutes later, a man came with up to the screen with few of his children and started watching it as well. He was waiting for his wife who was seen walking into a store next door. There were passersby who looked at our way, wondering what was going on but it did not stop them to watch.

From my observation, it can be seen how people are easily engrossed into the movie even when they are in a public space. Not only are they unaware of how they are causing blockage in the walkway, they completely separate themselves from the world. It can be said this is how a public space is turned into a private space in this. People are now easily attached to the public screen as long as they are able to catch their interest. Also, it is becoming a social norm as people who are waiting for someone or who just have time on their hands would just stand and create a world of their own.

I do believe that such form of advertising would be able to attract people as not only is it visually clear for the public, but also is able to expose to a wider public. Although it works well to promote to the public, but it is slowly changing how people view the public screen.

Piracy in Malaysia

Piracy is an act of stealing. Online piracy occurs when users download movies or music off the internet. It is a simple process where one just needs to search for the links and download it without needing to pay for anything. Furthermore, even if one were to pay a certain fee to gain access, the site owners might illegally distribute the contents without the owner’s consent making it an illegal download. It is against the law and one can go to jail or be fine with a fee.

In Malaysia itself, unauthorized DVD sellers are making a living in broad daylight selling copies of movies and music to the people. Even at the malls or night markets, these distributors are proudly selling without worrying about the law or authorities. All these are widely projected but why aren’t they arrested for an illegal act whereas in America, actions are taken? In 2012, Megaupload an online site which allows users to transfer files through the internet was charged for running an internet piracy enterprise. As compared to America, piracy in Malaysia is taken lightly.

In my opinion, there are many reasons why piracy in Malaysia continues to rise. Price is one of the main factors. On average, purchasing music or movies at stores would cost about RM40 to RM50. If watched in the cinema, it would cost around RM9 to RM15. On the other hand, if one were to buy from unauthorized dealers, it would only cost at a maximum of RM9 and one can pass it on to others to enjoy. Hence, it is why people continue engage in online piracy.

Another factor is time. Movies or music which is new are usually scheduled to release earlier in America compared to Malaysia. Also, it takes roughly a few weeks to hit the cinema and months before it is released in the stores. With internet, anyone is able to access the internet and able to download materials they wish to have.

With such easy access and low controlled by authorities, it is no wonder why piracy in Malaysia continue to rise.


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Fandom Craze

Being an adolescent growing up in an era that not only allows information to be transmitted within seconds, but also access to every single detail of anyone is somehow affecting the way youth are growing up. It is something to think about when it becomes more than just adoration from these youth towards their favorite bands, actress or Tv series. It turns into an obsession that transforms them into a Wikipedia of their favorite character. This type of behavior can be known as fandom.


Taken from Split Screen

            Fandom is a term that explains how individuals collect information that allows them to be connected with the characters they like. The members of a certain fandom group tend to be extremely interested with the object of interest. Often, these members attend conventions or events that allow them to expand their interest with strangers that sometimes lead to friendship. Due to the fact that these interests are seen as an obsession, it has somehow turn into a subculture within the society causing them to be stereotype as nerds at times. Looking as society today, fandom has expanded not only to certain fan base. From baseball fans and movie goers, to music lovers and fashion trendsetters, these people have one common similarity which is the need to have what their idols have.  Due to a widespread of information through media, it has cause society to change culturally in many ways. Fandom has grown into more than just an interest into their favorite object, but the desire to become close to them or even become them.r

            Take for example, Star Trek and Justin Bieber. Star Trek was a series watched by many back when it was popular. It was science fiction based that not only was made in a TV series, but movies and games too. Fans of Star Trek of different gender would watch and quotes these characters and sometimes go to the extent of dressing up as them. Justin Bieber on the other hand attracts mostly female fan base that crave to see him and would go over the edge just to watch him live. These 2 different entities are similar in terms of how even at different time and space; the fans still claim the characteristics of wanting them. Although similar, the fan base of Star Trek are of different gender who watches and has indept knowledge of what the show is about and basically has every detail they need to know. While Justin Bieber’s fan group takes ups mostly young girls who are obsess with his looks and body. These could be seen as a change in lifestyle and behavior of these young adults who are slowly changing with social norm of how one views fandom.

            Fandom is no longer the usual trekkies who enjoys star trek and comic con, it has transform from being a similar interest between strangers to an obsession which is not only slowly changing the social norm in society but also affecting the behavior of these young adults that can somehow affect their psychological behavior. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and observe what media is doing to society today? What is your opinion on that?


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Media Effect: The role of Space & Time

In this new era, technology has overtaken mankind bringing them to a new and more advance age. With such acceleration into the future, it is not a surprise that over reliance on technology has affect society in many ways. Due to the massive advancement, it has cause an impact on society in terms of how they use media in different space, privately or publicly. In the previous post, it was mentioned how a public space and a private space differ from on another due to modernization. As said, society no longer takes on the traditional method of social behavior. Today, technology has reshaped the way people communicate causing social effect. Perhaps a better understanding would be is media the only cause, or the surrounding and time spend that affects the way people change with technology?

Media effect is the consequences whereby one imitates the behavior as seen portrayed by media. Though as true as it sounds, media do have a role in media effects, but there is also the factor of which the surroundings of the individual who watches the program and also the time which they are in do play a roll.

Take this scenario for instance, 2 children; a child from a family of positive environment compared to a child from a broken home. Both watch the same program on television but in different settings. Perhaps, the chances of the child in a positive environment to grow up affected heavily is lesser compared to the second child from a broken home to absorb aggressive or violent behavior from the program. This is due to the space in which the first child has compared to the second child where there are no guidance and rules for him/her to follow, hence he/she grow up not knowing the right or the wrong.

Looking at the article done by David Gauntlette on “Ten things wrong with the effects model”, it can be said that perhaps due to cultural aspect, many believed that the modernization of technology leads to the exposure of unethical contents that leads to the effects on people today. But as he said, perhaps the control is in the hands of the elderly to observe the behavior of the young ones and perform their duty as the guardian. Hence, media does have an effect on society, but at the same time the space in which these affected ones watched does play a role as well.


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Television VS Audience Today


Movie watches back in 1960s

Television is a crucial part of people’s lives since the 1930s when it was first introduced to the public. Not only was it a significant part for the people in USA in 1969, when the first moon landing was aired and shown entirely for everyone who owns a TV. Furthermore, it became a public entertainment when it started to air movies and films for audience to enjoy globally. In many ways have technology changes the appearance of television, but the aim of it is still the same as it was before, to provide entertainment.

Television (TV) has certainly changed since the day it was introduced. People used to enjoy TV in the same space as their friends and family, especially during primetime. For decades, it was a trend and has become part of a culture. Today, TV is no longer shared as how it was before. Not only have people begun to move towards privatizing their own space, it has become a social norm to have their own TV.

Media has also taken a toll on TV to enhance the viewer’s experience by providing them services to not only watch the program but engage in social activities at the same time. Families might be in the same room watching the same program but each one is in their own personal space with their gadgets. Audience no longer converse hence they become fragmented in many places causing them to be in their own private space even when others are around.

The behavior in audience has change as well during the evolution of TV. During the early days, TV was the center of attention and many gave full attention when the show starts airing. Weekends and meal time was a date for audience to sit and watch. Today, given the benefit of multiple choice of entertainment and advance of technology, audiences overlook the point of TV. They slowly drown in their own private zone when around.

The traditional TV is slowly fading away as well as its cause. Are people today watching TV to enjoy the program aired, or leave it on as a second choice of entertainment while they engage in their daily activities? As time slowly passes, TV will certainly change, but will it survive the future generation?


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